Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Treats Day 11: Old-fashioned Apple Punch

I love to try out new drink recipes for Christmas. I typically make Pink Anniversary Punch because I love the flavor and color. Instead of having egg nog or an adult beverage, this is a great spiced punch to try.

2 quarts apple juice or cider
1 cup orange juice
3 cinnamon sticks
28 oz. 7-Up
12 whole cloves
1 Cortland apple, thinly sliced

Simmer one quart apple juice with spices for 10 minutes.  Refrigerate several hours or overnight to develop full spiced flavor.  Discard cinnamon and cloves.  Combine mixture and remaining chilled apple and orange juice in large punch bowl.  Slowly pour in chilled 7-Up.  Garnish with apple slices.

Yields: 26 cups

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