Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Treats Day 13: English Toffee

I first tasted this recipe last Christmas.  Some close family friends were visiting and had an entire tray of sweets.  The husband doesn't like chocolate, which I find insane but that's beside the point.  Anyway, since the toffee has chocolate on top, there was a ton left.  I got hooked on it and can't wait to make it this year.

1 pound oleo
2 cups sugar
½ cup chopped nuts
6 large Hershey bars, unwrapped

Put oleo in heavy pan with sugar and nuts on high heat.  Stir constantly.  When candy turns dark brown, remove from heat.  Pour into jelly roll pan.  Immediately place Hershey bars on top so they can melt.  Spread chocolate over candy and sprinkle with nuts.


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  2. The recipe is quite simple. It takes quite a bit of stirring, but an entire batch can be made in under a half hour. This is the first year I've added it to my candy trays and it's been a big hit so far. Hopefully you find it to be just as delicious.

    Thanks for the recommendation for Better Recipes.